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Editorial by Tom Demerly.

Tom Demerly in the Eco Challenge
We haven't posted a new editorial on the website for about five weeks. For that matter, we haven't made any changes to the site over the last few weeks. If you are a regular reader: Sorry about that. Here's why-
Intuitive Business Solutions here in Dearborn, Michigan, United States is where our website is created and maintained. I work with Kim, Marc and Janice who run IBS. Every single day we maintain and update our site. Counting photos and everything else there are over 1,000 total pages on the website. Every piece of it we created. It is the equivalent of writing four full length novels plus over a thousand photographs- almost every photo original except for a few product shots. All born right here in Dearborn, Michigan.

While she may not take credit for it, Kim Ross of IBS is the true genius behind When good ideas show up on the site they usually started with her, when a not-so-good idea shows up it was usually mine. Marc and Janice put in a ton of work on but Kim is our go-to girl 24/7. Litereally, 24/7.

About a month ago IBS bought a new office six blocks from Bikesport, Inc. The new office is bigger, nicer, prettier and easier to work in. It was in pretty rough condition when Kim, Marc and Janice moved in. We had a 2 week long, on-going renovation party where everybody chipped in and sanded, patched, painted, removed carpeting and wallpaper, hung new drywall, put down a new floor and started work on the new photo studio. It isn't done yet, but it is almost there and IBS (and is back in action after five weeks off.

Kim and Marc and Janice and I are here right now, doing this update from the new office just down the street from Bikesport. It is the first minor facelift to site we've done from here, so it is a big deal to us.

Realistically, most of the changes done to the site on a daily basis you won't even notice. It is a fun combination of publishing and broadcasting. Every day a new show comes out- everyday something changes. Sometimes it is a very noticeable feature like one of our adventure travelogues to an exotic triathlon or a product review. Sometimes it is just updating the outdated coupons or just fixing the "plumbing" of how the site navigates and works. It is an incredible amount of work.

As a writer, I generate about 2,000 words of text everyday for and the forum site, where I am a frequent contributor. If you haven't visited the slowtwitch site and forum, then get over there . It is fun and informative. Get up on the forum and ask questions and relate experiences. It is the triathlon lifestyle Internet show we all produce.

With IBS in their new office the show goes back on the air starting tonight. We start with content from the 2004 Bonita Banana New Zealand Ironman, the second oldest Ironman in the world. While I was in New Zealand I wrote several features and five editorials. All of those will go up over the next few weeks. I hope you find them fun and interesting. It was a blast writing them. As with every Ironman, there were plenty of stories in New Zealand.

Our virtual server indicates we have traffic numbers that rival the largest triathlon sites in the industry. That is due to the expertise of Kim Ross and the crew at IBS. If you are one of the several thousand unique visitors to our site each and every day from around the world I hope you enjoy it, and look for some fun new stuff here in the next few days and throughout the summer.

Thanks For looking! -Tom