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Cleared for Take-off!
Grosse Ile Duathlon returns with new airport setting and expanded course. See the Race Here.
It Pays to be a Winner…
…and every participant won at the U.S. Navy SEAL Fitness Challenge in Dearborn on May 10. See how here.
It’s Not About The Beast.
Read a report on the toughest 70.3 race on earth at the 2008 Ford Ironman 70.3 in St. Croix here.
The Temple of Triathlon.
In a sport that reveres suffering we race with the high priests of endurance and learn what it takes to be a Superfrog.
The Bjorn Supremacy.
Bjorn Andersson's low position and bold racing strategy have put him on the map. Critics have put him under the microscope.
Dirty Secret.
A thousand teams writhing in mud and racing over a Navy SEAL style obstacle course all for fun? Bring your best buddy and get dirty with Tom and Sarah at Muddy Buddy, Chicago. We cover the event using the "mud cam" from inisde the race!
Happy Camper
The best place to prepare for the season is Doug Stern's Triathlon Camp on Curacao in the Dutch Antilles. See why here.
The most beautiful setting for a triathlon. But to finish this race, first you have to Ride the Tiger.

Grosse Ile Duathlon 2001

1999 Marathon des Sables.

1999 Grosse Ile Duathlon
Island Duathlon a Success.
No Wooden Rhinos
Climbing Kilimanjaro

Story & Photos by Tom Demerly

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