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Flight Case Tool List.
By Sarah Demerly, Tom Demerly, and Henry Heartline


Less is more when packing tools for flight case travel. Keep it simple and light.

  • 4 millimeter hex “Allen” speed wrench.
  • 5 millimeter hex “Allen” speed wrench.
  • 6 millimeter hex “Allen” pedal wrench.
  • Park AWS-8 3-way ball end hex “Allen” combo wrench.
  • Combination 5 mm and 6 mm 2 way hex wrench. (2).
  • Small scissors and electrical tape.
  • Small side cutters for snipping zip ties.
  • Leatherman combination tool.
  • Small, needle nose locking pliers.
  • Fabric tape measure.
  • Wiha 273 German made precision Phillips screwdriver.
  • Crank Brothers multitool with Allen keys and screwdrivers.
  • Reduced size pedal wrench if using Speedplay pedals or cranks without a hole through the arm for fixing your pedals.
  • Small Syntace or ITM torque wrench.
  • Spare inner tubes/tubular tires with cement.

Add your torque wrench to this group of tools and you have everything you need to disassemble and reassemble your bike.

It is important to carry a small torque wrench to fix stem binder bolts and seatpost binder bolts to manufacturers' torque specifications. Syntace and ITM both make smaller versions suitable for travel.


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