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  Improving Your Position.
The before and after of two existing bike fits done using FIST tri bike fit prinicples. See the improvement here.
  One Man's Position:
Todd Briggs is one of the best age groupers from sprint to Ironman distance. We look at his new position here.
  How Good Is Your Position?
We look at bike positions and show how the best (and worst) triathlon positions look here.

Saddle Comfort

  Three Steps to Saddle Comfort.
It is cycling’s most common complaint: Saddle discomfort. Learn the three easy steps to manageable saddle comfort here and how to avoid all the hype here.
  The Inside Story on Saddle Comfort.
Numb privates, sore crotch, and bruised bum are the number one complaint of all cyclists.


  Road Rash.
There are two types of cyclists: The kind that have fallen and the kind that will. Learn what to do when you hit the pavement here.
  Avoid Early Errors.
The new year is a chance to get your season off right.



The big day is almost here. Read some ideas for a stress free “A” race.

  Make Ironman a Success!
Learn secrets to make your Ironman experience the best it can possibly be on race day.
  Prevent Problems at Ironman Wisconsin
  Do’s and Don’t of Ironman Preparation.
  How to Put on a Wetsuit.
  How to Dress for Cycling
  Bikesport's Guide to Wetsuits
  Box Your Bike.
Learn the step-by-step, simple, quick techniques for packing your bike and how to put it back together when you get there!
  Learn to Fly (your bike).
See how easy it is pack your bike in a flight case for travel anywhere in the world.
  Spring Rides: Destination Bishop's Cottage
Bishop’s Cottage on Grosse Ile is one of the finest ride destinations in the U.S.
  Spring Rides: Grosse Isle.
A pretty coastline and a sleepy island with beautiful roads is the destination this morning.
  Spring Rides: Greektown.
Baklava, fresh coffee and a historic urban cityscape are on the menu for this classic ride.
Fix It
  Fix a Flat
Learn to fix the most commom bicycle mechanical problem.
  The Flat Tire Solution.
What if you never had to worry about flat tires? What if you don't know how to fix a flat? Vittoria Pit Stop is the best answer to the flat tire problem we've found. The bonus is- it actually works!
  The 6 Essentials.
Read about the six most important things you can carry on your bike to stay out of trouble. Keep a short ride from becoming a long walk.


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