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Wrist ID Elite
By Tom Demerly.
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Road ID invented a product category in athlete identification and security products and has taken the concept a step further with their new Wrist ID Elite.

Mike Rabe left our store on his bike a few minutes before closing. He had a fifteen minute ride to his house.

He never made it.

Michael R. Rabe, President of Racing for the Wolverine Sports Club and tireless supporter of junior racing, was hit by a drunk driver on the way home from our store. For the 20+ hours following his accident Rabe was a “John Doe”. His friends and family did not know he had been killed.

A watch band type closure is fully adjustable to fit any size wrist. The band is custom-sized to the individual user's wrist size.

In October, 2008 I left our shop for a four mile run. During the run I suffered a stroke. The brain damage left me disoriented. I could barely find my own house four blocks from the store. Had the stroke been worse I could not have remembered my own name.

Local triathlete Mike Orris, family man, athlete, sales rep and all around nice guy, rode his bike to meet his family at a Saturday picnic. He never made it. Orris was hit by a car and suffered a traumatic head injury. Orris was identified and this contributed to his caregivers’ ability to contact his family quickly. Orris is recovering from his injuries now.


The Wrist ID Elite includes instructions for precisely sizing the band. Be sure to follow the instructions for a precise fit.

As a culture athletes believe they are invulnerable. It’s part of our ethos that we think we are the ones who will survive- impervious to injury or accident. Accidents only happen to other people…

The truth is different. Riding, running and swimming in the real world carries risk: As the culture of citizen-athletes grows so do the number of tragic stories.
One way to manage risk is with information. Road ID’s new Wrist ID Elite is an effective tool from the good folk at Road ID to transmit vital information to emergency caregivers. It’s information that can mean the difference between life and death. When an athlete is unable to speak for themselves, Road ID can speak for them.

Road ID’s new Wrist Elite is a waterproof multisport ID bracelet with an etched custom name plate with your vital information. Like a soldier’s dog tag it carries the life saving ID that medics and bystanders need to render assistance when you’re out cold.

Road ID started when founder Ed Wimmer had a close call with a truck during a training run. It was a “right place, right time” incident since Wimmer not only survived, the scare inspired he and his father to start Road ID. The company has expanded to ship their athlete ID and safety products world wide. The number of lives they have saved and the comfort they have provided is hard to measure but their website is filled with chilling testimonials.

Once the band is cut to the perfect length for your wrist the clasp is then locked shut using the serrated teeth. It's a secure and custom fittable system that is easy to use.

The new Wrist Elite is a multisport evolution of the original Wrist ID design. You can wear the new Wrist Elite anywhere since it has a sleek simple look compared to original Road ID’s with their nylon band and it is non-absorbent. The Wrist Elite uses a custom-sized polymer band and watch style clasp. The user cuts the polymer band to length with scissors sizing it precisely for their wrist. “It can fit almost anyone perfectly” said inside sales reps at Road ID. When the polymer band is fitted correctly the Wrist Elite stays put without moving on your wrist.

The new polymer band dries instantly and doesn’t absorb water or perspiration. It goes from the pool to the board room without having to dry and never absorbs odors or sunscreen. Nine colors are available so it’s easy to color key the Wrist Elite for any environment.

Because of the adjustable fit the Wrist ID Elite is very comfortable and unobtrusive to wear. It is excellent for swimming since the rubber bracelet dries instantly.

The information etched on the Wrist Elite ID placard is all upper case. The font is easy to read for emergency personnel and good Samaritans. Up to 7 lines of text can be inscribed on the placard. Each line can contain up to 24 characters including spaces. Typical emergency information includes contact numbers and names for next-of-kin and is entirely user determined on the Road ID website- you simply type in your text as you want it to appear. The site even shows you how it will look on your bracelet. I designed my own bracelet with blood type, previous medical conditions, health insurance policy number and my wife’s cell phone number and name.


An interesting alternative to the traditional engraved road ID information is the “Road ID Interactive” which enables you to build a database of emergency information that is available to emergency medical personnel via telephone and the web. The information on the placard directs the first responder to a toll free telephone contact and internet website where they key in a P.I.N. specific to your records. This file can be updated by the user making it perfect for someone with evolving medical circumstances or someone moving frequently.

The new Wrist Elite version of the Road ID is comfortable to wear. It’s slimmer and less obtrusive than a wristwatch and slightly wider than a “Livestrong” style awareness bracelet. The clasp holds securely even when diving into a pool. Since you can adjust a little slack into the fit you can make it as loose or snug as you want. The bracelet is cut to fit so be sure to follow the instructions and cut the band in single increments until you “tune” the fit to your liking.

The Wrist ID Elite comes in a nice metal box making it a great gift. If you're giving one as a gift but aren't sure what information to include on the custom engraved placard Road ID sells gift certificates on their website at

All Road ID products are sold directly through Road ID’s website at The Wrist Elite comes packaged in a nice metal box that makes it a perfect gift idea for an athlete. If you’re not certain what information they may prefer on their ID placard Road ID sells gift certificates on their website.

Road ID’s new Wrist Elite is a sleek, modern version of the classic emergency identification bracelet the company popularized. Its updated styling makes it wearable 24/7. The new materials give it greater usability for the multisport athlete, especially in the water. This useful accessory not only confirms you’re an athlete, but confirms you’re a responsible one also- and it may save your life.


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