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How Can I Ride a Bike before I buy it?

If you could just ride one before you bought it, to be sure whether you'll like it…

The truth is, test rides are not an effective tool in evaluating whether a bike will work for you in the long run. Here's why:

  • A test ride is too short to gather any usable information about a bike.

  • Any information gathered can be considered generally inaccurate (positive or negative) since the bike will be reconfigured for the customer with the correct stem, bars saddle and adjustments prior to delivery.

  • The bike you test ride is not specifically built to your dimensions.
    It doesn't have the saddle you need, the correct stem length, handlebar type, pedal system, crank length, seatpost type. Any information you gather from the test ride will be misleading, either positive or negative.

  • Test rides are not conducted in the same environment you will be riding in.

  • Most cyclists don't know how to test ride a bike to gather valuable information about its suitability. They are looking for a "feeling" rather than evaluating the bike for specific performance characteristics such as ride quality, bottom bracket stiffness, fit and frame design.

  • Minor factors such as road surface, the clothing you are wearing, and especially tire pressure can influence a test ride to such a degree that the information is not only inaccurate, it is misleading.

  • The test ride reveals nothing about the ownership experience once you bring the bike home. How will it feel after an hour? How will handle on the roads you ride? How will it hold adjustments?

  • For recreational type bikes, such as ATBs for family or neighborhood use and some types of mountain bikes a test ride is an excellent tool for evaluating if the bike is right for you.

  • For cyclists just entering the sport of road cycling, touring, club rides or triathlon riding the test ride is an ineffective method of evaluating if a bike is appropriate for your needs.

  • Taking responsibility for the customer's ownership experience is critical to us at Bikesport, Inc. Relying on dubious selling techniques such as test rides or letting inexperienced cyclists evaluate a bike for themselves would be irresponsible.

  • Bikesport, Inc. uses a technique for fitting and selling road and triathlon bikes that has taken over 13 years to develop. It has proven, over and over, to be an effective system in matching a rider and their needs to the right bike to insure a positive and lasting ownership experience.